Cottage Kitchen Idea

Plans are still being made for finishing our kitchen remodel. We’re taking our time, in the typical fashion of any cottage owners who want to find the “just right” finishing touches. When I have some free time to play search online, I love to look up various cottage homes and cottage decor. I found this one on the cottage living website:

I love the open shelving in this kitchen, as well as the subway tile and the texture on the window treatment. While our new kitchen has all white cabinets and appliances, the backsplash is still not installed. For the past few weeks, I have really been considering the subway tiles like the ones above and when I found that photo, I have almost made my decision! Here’s a close-up of the tiles:

The textured window treatment is definitely an idea too.

If you come across some lovely cottage kitchens, I would love to see them while we are still finishing up ours. There’s still lots of things to do in there…

4 thoughts on “Cottage Kitchen Idea

  1. thecozyloft says:

    Thanks Alicia for sharing those – you have some lovely murals! I don’t think they are right for our cottage, but I do love the Tuscan feel to some of them!! Thanks for the ideas!


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