Cottage + Chic Frame – Pink with Roses

Sometimes there are things that I make that I really, really want to keep for myself. This particular creation is one of them:

I am absolutely in love with it and the possibilities of what home lies ahead for it and what family will love it, too. I just listed it in my Lollishop here ….

Happy Sunday!!



It’s here!!! It’s open!!! YAY!!

Lollishops is here and many vendors have already set up their shops. Click here to see my new lollishop. There have been some slight delays and bugs that either have been or are being worked out but I’ve not had any troubles at all this afternoon and evening. It’s such a sweet place – I’m very much loving it! You can visit the entire lollishop site and meet all of its lovely vendors by clicking here. Enjoy the most sweetest shopping around!!

Edited to Add: I did close my Lollishop in 2008. I sell only on etsy, Artfire and ebay now. Thanks!

Chic/Cottage Cutie Gift Idea

I’ve been busy in my studio and making all kinds of goodies lately, getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the holidays. One of my new items is something so near and dear to my heart. They are sachet pillows in the shape of a dress form.  Here is one of them, just listed in my shop:

I have had a few custom orders for them and they turned out so sweet. I tell you, I could make these all the time, they are so much fun and such a joy! The one above is a lavender sachet pillow but I think that different people like different scents. Lavender is always so popular that I have a large demand for it usually.  This in particular is so softly scented that I can’t help but adore it and I never tire of it. When I use it, it always makes me happy and I absolutely love that I can pass that on!

Thanksgiving Baking

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! I’ve been doing some baking today and have sausage balls ready and two pecan pies. I’ll cook some macaroni and cheese first thing in the morning (the made from scratch baked kind) and then we’ll be ready. We always go other places on Thanksgiving, so we take a few dishes and cokes usually. Lots of fun and really good times with the family!

Here’s my countertop right now:


We’ll be keeping one of those pecan pies here at the house and some of the sausage balls, too… Yummy Yummy!!

I hope you all have a wonderfully warm and Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Baking! May you have a day full of love and family ((((hugs))))

Thankful and Prayerful Thanksgiving

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is Thursday. There’s so much to be thankful for and so many things to be so prayerful about. Through this year, I have had quite a few rough patches and have had quite alot of good things happen, too. Lately, I have been reflecting alot so I thought it would be a perfect time to sit down and write all of the prayerful things and thankful things I have on my heart at this particular time.

I’m thankful for:

  • My discovery of etsy
  • The wonderful friends I have – online and not online 🙂
  • Opening my shop on etsy
  • Kind words said by others
  • Friendships that are tried and true
  • My wonderful,  thoughtful husband
  • My parents – they are the best Mama and Daddy that a girl could ever dream of having
  • My brother – he’s always there when times are tough and can always make me laugh
  • My extended family who I know are just a phone call away
  • My faith, which gets me through so many hard times and helps me to see clearly
  • Our house. While it’s slowly getting renovated to our vision, it’s our safe haven. Our little piece of comfort. Our home.
  • That I was born into this wonderful country.
  • Being able to do something that I love and share it with others.

Things that I am prayerful for:

  • Our wonderful country and all the issues we face.
  • Making my etsy shop my full time job.
  • The economy.
  • The President and his family.
  • People who have wronged me.
  • Soldiers and their families.
  • Sick and hurting people, known and unknown.
  • Loss.
  • Peace.
  • Hope.
  • Love.

Brand New Wedding Pillow

My latest creation is available in my shop now (click here to go to my etsy shop) and it’s something brand new for my shop:

A matte satin ring bearer’s pillow complete with a calla lily and pink satin ribbon. I had the most joy creating this piece and it was a delight to see it come together. Though I can make them in almost any color combination, I had to do one that was pink and white! It’s just so sweet!