Halloween Past + Present Day Jack O Lantern…

Happy Halloween!!!

In honor of Halloween and to reminisce of dressing up in costumes, I thought I’d share a couple of my previous costume fun with you…

Here’s one of me from a few years ago – I though the skirt was really too short waisted which made it way too short for me, so I wore some black exercise shorts underneath:

and another which I played with bruises, blood and scars (wish I had a picture of the “scars” and “gashes” on my arms – you can see the start of the brusing on my arm, but the real gore is covered – shoot!):

Both of those are from my days of working part-time at Kmart. Ahhhhh, I do miss the excuses to dress up for Halloween!! Those are the MOST FUN things of all!!

So, back to the present Halloween day…we have worked on pumpkin carving and here’s our little Jack O Lantern:

And at night…

Have a wonderfully happy Halloween!!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Past + Present Day Jack O Lantern…

  1. LV's Beads n Things says:

    Love the costumes! Great pumpkin too! And the yard ornaments are just super!!!!!! You and Charles did a great job fixing the place up and making it ready for all of the little goblins and ghouls. How fun!


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