Our Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween Eve My Dear Friends!!

We worked on our yard getting as many leaves up as possible for any spooks who might come our way tomorrow night. Seems no matter how much I try to have trick or treaters, we always seem to have anywhere from 0 to 5. We live just inside the city limit on a dead-end street, making it a quiet place. Our little town does so many things for Halloween that I think everyone is just out doing group activities. But who knows – maybe this year will be different.  I always have hope!

In the meantime, I like to make Halloween special for the two of us, so I made some lemon cupcakes with some buttercream icing…put in a cute little Halloween cupcake liner and topped with some orange sugar sprinkles!! Sooooooo cute!

Some of these went to our little neighbors along with an adorable little Halloween card – we are having so much fun!! I even included himand asked him to put the sugar sprinkles on – we are such kids sometimes!!

The only bad thing in my day? I burned myself getting the cupcakes out of the oven. It’s a little over 3/4 inch long and looks much worse than it feels right now. I’m certain it will hurt more later.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I burned myself – anyone have any quick healing tips by some chance?

Tomorrow (or maybe even later tonight if there’s time), we’ll carve our pumpkin. I’ll be sure to show pictures of it tomorrow. Until then, I hope you are enjoying your Halloween Eve!!


3 thoughts on “Our Halloween Treats

  1. missknits says:

    the cupcakes look yum!!! but so sorry your burned yourself! yikes! i burned my hands badly last thanksgiving, spilled boiling hot water on them when trying to drain a pot of boiling potatoes. yea so no potatoes this year! lol thing i learned cold is bad! tepid water or wash cloth helps better.

    lookin forward to seeing the pumpkins!


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