My Hubby’s Latest Creation…

My hubby has had a long time dream of working with wood. He’s inherited a few key woodworking tools and we have gradually been adding to his collection. He has such a desire to create with wood, which thrills my soul because that gives us more things we can do together. Maybe he can create things and I’ll decorate them/paint them/craft with them. How exciting!!

He’s made a few things already – a book shelf that we are using in our booth at the antique and home decor store, some little wooden cars for a custom order on etsy a while back, some custom work to our kitchen, reworking a vintage chair seat that had seen better days, and most recently a little squirrel feeder which I just listed in my shop this evening. Here’s a picture of this sweet little feeder:

Isn’t he doing great? I am so very proud of him! Next on his agenda? To build me a new sewing table/storage unit!! How exciting!!!


2 thoughts on “My Hubby’s Latest Creation…

  1. Wow!! Boy, does he do some great work!! Between the two of you, you’ll be unstoppable!! LOL

    Congrats to both of you on having such a lovely way to spend time together and create things together. So happy for you and Charles. 🙂

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