Sleep Sweetly…

This little loving little poem was laid in the center of our bed at “The Gatlinburg Inn” against the pillows….It’s entitled “Sleep Sweetly”:

Sleep sweetly, in this quiet room
O’ thou whoe’er thou art;
And let no mournful yesterday
Disturb thy peaceful heart.
Nor let tomorrow scare thy rest
With thoughts of coming ill,
Thy maker is thy changeless friend,
His love surrounds the still
Forget thyself and all the world —
Put out each feverish light;
Thy Lord is watch overhead;
Sleep sweetly, then – Good Night.



4 thoughts on “Sleep Sweetly…

  1. meldewdesigns says:

    What a beautifully sweet poem!! Who wrote it? Did the card say? I just love the message it has – don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow so that you can just rest your body and mind. How well taken care of we are!!!

    What a treasure to take away with you from your trip!! 🙂


  2. thecozyloft says:

    Hey Mel!! I know isn’t it the sweetest poem?? It didn’t say who the author was, so I had wondered maybe if someone there had written it. I’ve never been somewhere that was so relaxing before – in every way. It was wonderful!!


  3. jenny Thornton says:

    had heard it before and liked it so much I painted a wall hanging of it. I had heard it was by ‘anonymous’ but just did further research and has also been attributed to Victor Hugo. Whoever penned the poem, it is beautiful.


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