The Gatlinburg Inn – Southern Hospitaility and Charm

I talked about “The Gatlinburg Inn” a little in my last post. I just have to tell you how all this came to be that we stayed there. We had decided to “wing it” and go without reservations and find what we wanted to stay near, then locate a place to stay. After driving around for a little while once we arrived, we went into two different places. Neither of them were very impressive, though both were fair in price and excellently located in the heart of Gatlinburg. Then, enter “The Gatlinburg Inn”…a quaint little place in the heart of the city within walking distance of so many things. The pricing was also fair, though a little higher than the previous two places. Upon entry to the hotel, there was a gorgeous rose garden among a lovely vintage black iron fence that went the length of the drive. Click here for the web page for the hotel and to see a glimpse of the rose garden.  When you entered the hotel, you see a very old interior though impeccably maintained. The lovely lady behind the desk named Ms. Dot, was so friendly and warm that I could have sworn we were at a Bed and Breakfast and not a hotel. Before we could say “yes” to a room, we were shown our choice of rooms on either the front of the back of the hotel. Each had their own particular offering of the wonderful city. (We chose a front room for the view you see from my post yesterday.)  The room itself was very rustic with vintage paneling, wallpaper, lighting and accessories. Honestly, I’ve never been in a cleaner hotel in my life, nor one that seemed so safe and inviting. My love of all things cottage and vintage allowed me to truly experience what it must have been like when it was new in the 60s.

I loved the old mirrors near the elevators where one could smooth their skirts or do a quick last moment check of their hair. (And, yes, I did just that!) Some of the guests who have stayed at the Inn includes JC Penney, Dinah Shore, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Lady Bird Johnson and Liberace. Plus, it was featured in an Ingrid Bergman/Anthony Quinn movie entitled “A Walk in the Spring Rain”. Click here to see more about the movie. Oh, and another note of interest? “Rocky Top” was written at this lovely nostalgic place (in room 388!!).

From the moment we entered this hotel, I knew we were somewhere special. During the process of our check-in, we were asked if we would like heat during our stay, as the nights were to be around the upper 30s. Apparently, this hotel can have EITHER heat or air, but not both. However, we only had to request heat in order to get a complimentary heater for our room. How delightful is that? I was completely smitten right then and there!

A few pictures of our nostalgic room…this one is the artwork above the bed, the exposed pipes in the room, and you can also see the vintage wallpaper from this view (don’t mind the rumpled pillows, I took this the morning after our first night there):

another view in our room – the light fixture, exposed pipes, and the paneling:

our seating in our room and you can also see the vintage floor covering here:

The most amazing thing about this hotel is the fact that every single thing was perfectly kept. Nothing appeared neglected. Though we knew most of the things in our room were much older than us, we marveled at the fact that everything seemed so clean and and so perfect. We couldn’t find a single cobweb on the balcony and not a speck of dust anywhere.

I almost forgot to mention a couple other wonderful things about this hotel…the security. At 10:00 the front desk ladies go home and there are no guests added after 10:00 pm. There is a security guard on duty 24 hours a day. For parking, there is a sticker placed on your vehicle and you are allowed in the gate by security each time you need to leave and come back. The hotel lobby and parking lot is patrolled by the security guard constantly. Automobiles are counted and double checked by the guest list. Though the door to our room had an old fashioned lock and an old fashioned chain, I have never felt safer in a hotel room. Strange, isn’t it? I found myself blown away by how safe I did feel there…and how watchful and protective this group of employees are of their guests. What a comfort and how original!!

Amongst all this perfection was a couple of negatives, though they are easily altered now that we know to expect them on our next visit….here they are in case you plan a trip there:

  • Next time, we will bring our own pillows – the ones there are extremely soft
  • Next time, we will bring our clock – there was no clock in the room

Other than that, it was absolutely spot-on perfect for us. I think the experience of this hotel is very thought provoking and so needed in today’s society. It was so much fun to go back in time to the hospitality that a hotel should truly have. I hope everyone has an opportunity to visit such a place.


3 thoughts on “The Gatlinburg Inn – Southern Hospitaility and Charm

  1. Patricia Molnar says:

    Oh Cozy – I know exactly where you are – I love it there – did you go to Dollyvile before you went to Gatlingburg?
    I have been to that area a number of times and just love it!!! It makes me feel closer to God – it is place you can really feel him.
    We hope to go back there soon as I miss it so. When my Mom was alive – she never wanted to leave. And when my Dad was alive he loved going through the part and up to the highest point and quess what – every time he was with us – the view was clear and perfect – God made sure of that for him.
    Well now I am crying with happy memories — Thank you for doing this for me.

    Love , Blessings and Hugs


  2. meldewdesigns says:

    Well, it sounds like you and Charles just had a lovely time and I am so thankful for that. The hotel you stayed at really does sound more like a B&B than a hotel, and sounds so quaint!! 🙂 I really am glad that you had such a nice time. 🙂 Too bad it had to end so soon, right?? 🙂

    I’ve never been to any type of hotel that didn’t have a clock in the room….pretty strange that yours didn’t have one!! 🙂


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