Cheesy Comfort Foods

I guess one of my all time comfort foods has to be cheese. Or at least cheesy things. Macaroni and Cheese. Potatoes and Cheese. Salad with Cheese. Baked Potato with Cheese. Burger with Cheese. Ok, I guess you get the picture!!

A week or so ago I made this lovely and delicious casserole called Chicken Spaghetti , though I altered it a bit to make it more heart healthy and to only serve two people. Oh, and I took the pimentos out, too, because we don’t care for them. This was really, really great and despite the fact I made it for two people, I still had enough left from my meal to have lunch a couple days later. And, guess what? It heats up marvelously as leftovers! Mind you, I’m terribly picky about leftovers. I wish I weren’t and I wish I could say I use everything up and there is never any waste. Alas, that is not the case. But with this dish, not a speck went to waste!! When you click the link above for the recipe, you will read a very delightful lady’s step-by-step words and hopefully will find her as fun as I did!! Enjoy!


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