The Most Important Thing On My To-Do List…

The more I have thought about opening up this booth at this nearby antique and home decor mall, I become more and more excited. You see after we started dating, he introduced me to eBay. At the time he sold all kinds of things on eBay which was, at that time, a most wonderful venue. The fees were reasonable and a seller could actually make a comfortable amount of money on there. The marketplace was not flooded and there were lots of sales to be had. Did I mention that I first laid eyes on eBay in 2000? What a difference 8 years made!!

It was so exciting. We’d go to estate sales, auctions, tag sales, antique stores, ANYWHERE really and we’d look for treasures. Imagine our surprise when his parents purchased a house that had an attic full of old contents such as The Carpenters tickets, memorabilia, posters, newspaper clippings, etc. That was just the beginning! We were so excited about all those things and I remember how we felt when we snagged something good at an estate sale, too. That’s always been kind of our thing and even though we’ve almost completely abandoned eBay at this point, we still visit estate sales and all the other fun places…just not as much and not with the same level of excitement. Now, with the booth, I realize we can do that again! Oh the joys of the thrill of the hunt!! I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve been doing alot of researching on how to make my booth look good. It currently has only the back wall – no side walls. Since I’m new to all this, we either have to build or buy everything except we do have a unit with four shelves that we found at an auction several years ago. It was so cheap, we had to buy it with it’s heavy glass shelves inside a wood frame. There’s an old bookcase in our storage building outside that we purchased for me to refinish at some point and put in our home, but now I’m thinking don’t refinish it. That should be cleaned up and carried up there for displaying items, though I’m not ready to part with it. Over the weekend, we found a white plastic unit with four shelves at Lowe’s for a cool $20. I am hoping I can dress it up a bit, too. I really want this to be cute, but I fear it’s a hodge podge of things for now. It’s not very consistent, but I guess it is an antiques booth and it’s not supposed to be perfect. However, I think I will change it all up when I see if this booth is profitable. Then, I’ll sink some more money into it. I don’t think anyone has any idea how excited I am about this booth and how very much I hope it goes crazy in sales and fun!! So I guess I should probably call the owner and tell him I have decided I do want to rent that booth and find out what to do from here!! LOL – that’s a REALLY important thing to do today!!


2 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing On My To-Do List…

  1. Mel says:

    I am sooooooooooo happy for you!! I can definitely sense your excitement and know how badly you want your craft to be your sole income. I truly hope that this booth will be successful and can help you stride towards that goal of yours!! 🙂

    Best of luck to you!! You’ll have to take pictures of the booth (before and after) so we can all see!! 🙂 Maybe once we see the space and the type of furniture you have, we can all help you arrange it!! LOL


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