Lower Sodium Taco/Mexican Meal

Recently, his blood pressure has been high and a doctor’s visit has put him in the “cutting back on sodium and seeing how it goes” stage. If his blood pressure continues to be high, he’ll have to start medication. Needless to say, we are being pretty careful. Since we are now reading every label, I thought I’d pass some healthier suggestions on to you and maybe you would be a step ahead, too. If this post just helps one person, I’ll be sooooo excited!!

We have discovered something very tasty and lots better for us!!

In the past, we’ve always ate the Old El Paso brand taco seasoning and taco shells. The Old El Paso is okay to eat, but the Taco Bell brand is even better. The Taco Bell taco shells actually have 0 sodium in them!! This was wonderful news and they taste really good too. We aren’t giving up any taste at all by having the Taco Bell variety. The 0 sodium in the shells and the lower sodium in the seasoning allows him to have cheese on them, too. So, we’ve been purchasing the Kraft crumbles which is also a great alternative to some other higher sodium choices. Check it out:

The little bowls have the cheese crumbles in one and lettuce in the other. (I’m not sure why the lettuce looks really light in color because it was really green – maybe the night lighting?) Then, our newly found and dearly loved taco seasoning and taco shells. If you haven’t already tried this, please do and let me know what you think. You won’t miss any flavor (or at least we didn’t) and you’ll be making things a little healthier for your family. My guess? They won’t even notice they are eating healthier!! 😀


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