Kitchen Countertops

Something HUGE has occurred this evening!! I just applied the 10th and final coat of tung oil to our new butcher block countertops. This is a tremendous milestone for us and I am sooooooo excited to say this portion is complete. Imagine that each coat had to dry for 24 hours and imagine not having the use of ANY of your countertops for a couple weeks. Ok, a couple weeks following a couple months of remodeling!!! Needless to say, we will finally be able to put things back on the countertops starting tomorrow. I couldn’t be happier and just had to come here to share the great news with you!! Oh and guess what? It looks really, really nice!! I’ll have more pictures of it when it’s completely dry and ready for use.

For now, I do have a new sachet set to show you that I have up in my shop now:

There’s a couple more also, but that one was too cute not to show. There’s never been a more prim and proper cat, has there? 😀

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