Needing to Get Away

Oh, I am really looking forward to our vacation next month. I don’t know if all women are like me but I always have so many things on my mind that I need to do, want to do, or feel I have to do. When we do get away from home, it takes me a while to adjust to not “having” to do anything in particular. There’s usually no kitchen when we go on vacation, so I can’t cook. There’s no sewing machine or comfy computer desk and chair. There’s no studio full of projects and supplies just waiting for my creativity.

All those reasons are probably why I NEED a vacation – at least one – every year. Once I accept that I have nothing to do, I think that’s when I truly relax and I know I need that. I then wonder if all women are programmed this way? Charles is able to relax every day. For example, as I write this, he is sitting in his recliner, yawning with a remote in his hand and looks as relaxed as I’ve ever seen him. Usually, he can fall asleep over there. I couldn’t tell you when I’ve ever fallen asleep watching television, unless maybe I was really sick or something.  Truth be told, I’m a little jealous of him. He can truly let everything else go and sit down and watch a movie. How does one achieve this level of relaxation? While I don’t want that every day, I would like to have it maybe once a month or even once a week maybe….


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