Animated Clone Wars

My husband is truly a Star Wars enthusiast. He has quite the collection of Star Wars memorabilia and I encourage him all I can. This past weekend, we went to see the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated film. Now, I usually enjoy the Star Wars movies and I enjoy animated films. For some reason, I wasn’t enjoying this one. I **wanted** to enjoy it and did very much try.

He liked the movie, but didn’t feel like it was up to par with the others either. We both agreed that would love to see some of the lesser characters developed more in these stand alone types of movies, where a viewer would not know the outcome of the character’s fate, as we did with the main characters throughout this one.

Nonetheless, I think it was a great evening out and we did have a great time. After all, there’s nothing in the world like movie theater popcorn!! 😀


One thought on “Animated Clone Wars

  1. missknits says:

    i was wondering about htis movie. i like the star wars movies, but for some reason this one just doesnt interest me, i have a hard time going from those awesome star wars epic movies to an animated one?


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