LolliShops Adventure

Have you heard of LolliShops? I heard of this new adventure by visiting one of my favorite blogs a few weeks ago. So, I quickly went to check it out and loved what I learned! This new online selling marketplace will be opening in the next couple of months and will be THE place to be!! I can hardly wait to see how it all comes together and it’s already been so much planning and so many wonderful ideas and things. It’s so very exciting for me to work among these talented ladies. To learn more, just visit here. They are accepting applications and you have to be approved as a vendor to be one of the shops of LolliShops. I am tickled pink with anticipation of so much sugary sweet cuteness in one place!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!

In honor of this new adventure and lollipops on my brain, I created some new little tags:

Oh, wow! I can hardly wait!! 😀


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