Lovely Estate Sale

We love to go to estate sales and had the opportunity to visit such a nice one today. The beautiful home had a gorgeous lawn – you should have seen the landscaping!! There were HUNDREDS of people there and it was a lovely, but hot day as we stood outside waiting and the sunshine poured down!! I found a few things, though:

A beautiful clear glass milk bottle with some red writing on it. I soaked it in some water and mild detergent and it came out looking so wonderful! However, I have researched this bottle and have been unable to determine if it’s actually a vintage piece. It is dated 1944, but I’m still not sure. If any of you have knowledge on this sort of thing, I’d love to hear from you! Now I just have to find something lovely to store in it. Here’s a photo of it and bear in mind that you can see through it because it is still clear and empty (and sooooo clean!!):

 (Click on it to see it larger)

A super sweet old sewing basket full of lots of vintage sewing notions. Everything was terribly tangled inside and through lots of patience and care, we were able to salvage everything inside. Here’s a photo of the basket as it was purchased and the ziploc bag full of cleaned up goodies that were inside of it:

 (Click on it to see it larger)

I was thrilled to find the basket and plan on totally changing it up and keeping it for myself. As for the sewing notions, I’m not sure. There are several things – sequins, lace, spools of thread, etc – that I’d like to keep. Then I’ll probably offer some things in my etsy shop at some point so that I can share all of these fabulous goodies with my friends!

And….I did find a few more things that I’ll show you soon. It was a great day!


2 thoughts on “Lovely Estate Sale

  1. Mel says:

    I LOVE that bottle!! How great is that!!! I think it is definitely worth the research. What are you thinking of filling it with? I would think maybe some white beans or small rocks/pebbles might be nice. This way, the integrity of the bottle would remain and you could still be able to read what the bottle says without being too distracting. 🙂 Just a suggestion.


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