Oh Shoot!!

Our countertops arrived today!! I was so excited!! Then, I opened up one of the boxes and saw the instructions and learned that guess what? We have to condition this countertop – top and bottom – with some 100% tung oil (evidently not found locally unless we have a woodworker’s shop around town…we, of course, do not). This is very important as it is food safe, though for anyone with nut allergies, they should stay away from tung oil. Ok, so now, I guess we will have to order the tung oil and wait another week or so before we can get started on it. Evidently, in order to do this right, we put on the tung oil, wait 12-24 hours, sand it and do it again. The bottom alone is supposed to have 3 coats, so that’s at least 3 days before we can turn it over and get it into place. That’s not counting the edges and the 10 coats for the top of the countertops.

I do know that IKEA has something superior with faster curing times called Behandla Oil, but there is not one even in my state and they do not ship that particular product here. I had already asked my sweet friend, Maria, to pick it up for me on her next visit and she graciously said she would, bless her heart!! At the time I asked, I had no idea I needed some of it now, so Maria, if you are reading this, please do not make a special trip there to get it. I just need it during your next visit there. Evidently, this will have to be done periodically and I need that for the future. Hugs and thanks to you for doing it!!

Note to anyone who lives near an IKEA….Must be nice and you are soooo lucky!! 

Really, I never knew the butcher block needed this much attention. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever have a finished kitchen!! I know I will, though. Everything that you have to wait for is generally well worth the wait. Plus, I don’t want to rush this process…I want to do it right and have it last for years and years to come. Wish us luck…ok…luck and patience! 😀

On a much prettier note, here’s a couple of my new listings in my shop:

Coming soon to my shop:

and a few other goodies on their way this week! Enjoy!


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