Today’s New Listings

I’ll be listing a few new goodies today in my shop. Here’s a couple of sneak peeks:

That sweet little teapot frame was sooooo much different when I purchased it at a little tag sale a few weeks ago. I am so excited with how it turned out. Then, I even added a sweet little cupcake painting inside the frame. It’s a one-of-a-kind and I won’t have others like it, as it was a special find. If you want it, better snag it quick!!

Another listing is by encouragement of a few of my sweet etsy friends who saw my blog post from yesterday:

I’ll have both of these in my shop momentarily. Happy Shopping!!  And…Happy Monday!


One thought on “Today’s New Listings

  1. Mel says:

    This teapot is one of my favorites of all the beautiful creations I have seen you make. It is quaint, cute, pretty, delicate, and quite the COZY little teapot! 😀

    Great job!!


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