Exhausted + Happy

Ahhhhh…it’s over! We made it through our yard sale with not one single thing left over. For the first time ever, at the end of our sale a lady made an offer on everything that was left. So, we took it. Now, she has paid for it and quite a few boxes still sit in our yard, but she is supposed to pick all of those up tomorrow.

We are very exhausted but we are so happy that we found homes for all of our old things and that people walked away with some super deals, too. We had the biggest yard sale we’d ever had today, just look at this and you can probably see that it was huge….plus you can’t see everything in this photo:

Oh, and it’s not quite daylight yet, as this was taken in the wee hours of the morning, but you can get an idea of all the things that are there (and unfortunately the view of the only “make-do” table with the boxes closest to the camera!!) Bear in mind, some things belong to my parents, but the most of it was ours. How did we have all of this unwanted stuff in our house??? How did it hold it??? Will I have more space now that all of that is gone?? I plan to look into all that tomorrow after I’ve recovered from all of this…

Happy Saturday!!


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