This Saturday

This coming Saturday, we are going to be sooooo brave and tackle a nice little yard sale. Well, I say little, but we have so many things. And, I don’t think anything is really a “big ticket item” and I even marked things down as low as 5 cents. Now, that’s truly someone who’s ready to get rid of some things!!

Hopefully, we can start setting up tomorrow night and then have everything ready to go by early Saturday morning. My parents are coming and bringing some things, so it should be a great time with them being here to chat with also.

I’ve found quite a few yard sale tips online that we are going to try. We usually have a sale every year to one every two years, but I’m putting some of the tips into play to see if it makes a difference. Our sales are usually very successful and I am really hoping for another one Saturday.

Please wish us luck – this has already been tons of work in addition to the remodeling. Whew – we will be ready for a vacation when we are finished with all this!! 😀


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