Tonight, we ate out at a restaurant and after we placed our order I noticed bluegrass music playing. Then I saw the bluegrass band performing in a little room off from the main dining area. They were actually at such a low tone that we could have sworn it was coming through the speakers. This little band was comprised of four people – three men and one lady. Later on, some other people joined them in the room, which is I’m sure the audience they had been anticipating while they played their practice runs.

This was so nostalgic for me because I remember growing up, we would go to Aunt Jo & Uncle Ed’s house and listen to them and their family sing and play for hours. My parents, brother and myself would be clapping and grinning and so happy. Since that time, my Aunt and Uncle have both left this world to meet God. I miss those days and my Aunt and Uncle, but I am forever grateful that I was able to spend those happy hours amongst my lovely and talented family. One day, I know we’ll all be together again.

Here’s to happy times – ones that are in our hearts and memories…and ones still to come.


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