Sunshine and Clothes

When we got married, we didn’t do a typical wedding registry. There were lots of people on our lists who were from various incomes so we chose things from all over the place, pricepoint-wise. One of the things we had on our list that was the most talked about and most appreciated was the clothespins, clothespin bag and clothesline wire!  Lots of the older ladies were talking about how refreshing it was to see something like this on a registry list.

Honestly, when we put those things on there, I really wanted them. There’s nothing like sun bleaching something. There’s nothing like the smell of something that’s dried on a clothesline!

This is fresh on my mind right now because our old line had broken and we replaced it this weekend. I hung our quilt comforter on it to dry on Saturday. When I went to bed Saturday night, I couldn’t stop sniffing the comforter!!

I hope that each of you have a clothesline or at least one of those portable lines you can take outside to put out when you need or want it. Not only is it the very best in scent, but it also saves you money and energy from using a dryer. Just be sure you shake everything out, really good before bringing it in and you are set!!


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