My Maria…

I met my best friend, Maria, at the very beginning of High School and she had just moved to Tennessee from Illinois. We immediately hit it off and have been BFA’s ever since! We were with each other so much that everyone thought we were sisters! There are so many stories to tell involving my sweet and dear friend that it’s hard to choose one for this post, but I think this one is soooo cute! She and I were big fans of Kirk Cameron AKA Mike Seaver on the sitcom “Growing Pains”. When the show would come on, we would be on the phone with each other and not speak until a commercial came on. Funny, huh?? Well, we were teenagers in High School, so it was all in giggly girlie fun!

Since that time, she and I have both gotten married. She has 3 boys now and they are all super nice boys with the best manners I have seen in a really long time. Shortly after she got married, she moved back to Illinois, though. She was hoping to be able to move back to Tennessee this year and be nearer her super sweet and lovely Mom.

I bring my BFA up for a few reasons. First, I wanted to tell all of you a little about her. Second, because I just found out she reads my blog. Third, because I’m soooo sad to hear that she’s staying in Illinois a little longer – maybe another year. I miss her and thought she was coming back to live in Tennessee. But, alas, no. I have to keep talking to her via email and telephone and an occasional Maria sighting during one of her brief visits to Tennessee.

Here we are in our high school days – obviously it was the 80s with my big hair, her flybacks and our heavy makeup…ahhhh…those were the days!! (Click on the picture to get the full effect – LOL!)

I can’t wait til she’s back!! I love you my Maria!


One thought on “My Maria…

  1. meldewdesigns says:

    How wonderful it must be for you to have such a special friendship!!! I am so happy for you that you and Maria share such a great relationship, but also sad for you that she cannot be near you now. 🙂


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