Kitchen Remodeling Continues…

Oh wow! Our kitchen is coming right along and we hope to be able to have it semi-functional by the end of the weekend. Here’s a new pic of our progress, taken yesterday:

As you can see, it’s still a lot of unfinished things – the sink is there but no faucet or plumbing yet. The floating cabinets are set in place but have no plywood top or framing so we can enclose them so you see a “wall” from the other room. The upper cabinets are in and the new stove is out of the box and has been installed. The microwave has been put in above the dishwasher.

Still to do: Finish the underlayment for the new countertops and get exact measurements so they can be ordered. Attach wall to back of cabinets facing the dining room to frame them. Install millwork/trim around door to carport and opening to laundry room – then paint all of those at least two coats. Paint two more coats on the wood shelving/floating upper cabinets/bookshelf area between living room and kitchen areas, as well as the crown molding.  Figure out a clever solution floating upper cabinets – the top near the ceiling appears unfinished. Install under cabinet lights. Put in shelving to finish the new mini built-in between the kitchen and living room, then paint. Finish installing recessed light over the sink. Build a shelf above the stove to utilize in attaching new range vent, as well as use to hold all kinds of cookbooks!!

Future projects (over the next year or so): Install new flooring, then install baseboards and quarter round, then paint those. Install a bar area. Install pendant lights above bar. Sand and paint wood door to carport. Replace the storm door with a security door. Install a tongue and groove wood ceiling with beams, painted white (this will span the kitchen, living room and dining room as all three are open to each other).  

Plus, all the cute things I want to decorate with! I can hardly wait for that….that’s indeed the fun part!!

Don’t forget to see yesterday’s post for a chance to win a cute little towel holder…PLUS a surprise from me! There’s only a few entries so far, so everyone has a wonderful chance to win! Have fun!!

One thought on “Kitchen Remodeling Continues…

  1. Patricia Molnar says:

    Oh Cozy – it look so wonderful already – you and your husband are so talented – I know how good it feels to get something important done! I can not wait to see the final pictures –
    Blessings Pat


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