Change of Heart & Your Chance to Win!!

Before and during all of this remodeling to our kitchen, I knew that I wanted the majority of it to be white. The accent color has changed in my mind so many times. A while back, I had decided I wanted to do it in red and realize now that I want my accent color to be blue because of the rooms the kitchen is opened to and the colors in those rooms.

So…..I have a little giveaway to do! Back in april, I had purchased a little accessory from a super sweet lady’s etsy shop called AddictedtoYarnย for a little kitchen towel holder. She custom made this piece for me in red and it has a white button. Since I have changed colors, I think it would be such a fun idea to give this adorable cutie away to one of you! Just leave a comment anywhere on my blog between now and Saturday at noon and let me know what color(s) your kitchen is now and if you need to remodel it, what color it would be when complete. How much fun is that???

See the photo of this cutie, never used except to put on my brand new and never used stove with a brand new and never used dish towel to take this picture, just for you:

Plus….I’ll make sure there’s something I have made in this little prize package, too. Don’t forget to leave a comment and good luck!


3 thoughts on “Change of Heart & Your Chance to Win!!

  1. meldewdesigns says:

    Such a great idea, Rhonda!! So sorry that it turned out that you didn’t need it after all!! What a bummer!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet the blue and white will be pretty though!!

    It just so happens that my kitchen is red, white and blue to go along with my Americana theme!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. LV says:

    What a neat idea, Cozy. Gift recycle the things you have either outgrown or aren’t using. This would be perfect for hanging holiday towels from at Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy remodeling!


  3. Patricia Molnar says:

    Hi cozy -well my kitchen is in shades of pink and blue – but at Christmas – I have to have red white and green – so out thoses colors come – so this wonderful hanger will be perfect for me!!!!!!


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