Kitchen Progress

It’s coming along. This was taken Sunday morning and you can see it’s painted (mostly) but I still have additional coats needed on trim and wood shelves.

For some reason the laundry room appears to have yellow cabinets but those are as white as almost everything you see in the kitchen. There’s our new range still in the box. The open area to the right of the fridge will be a pantry.

The old birch paneling sanded out and painted really well. I’m so happy that we opted to put more work into it rather than just replace it. I love the charm that it adds to the room. Honestly, we haven’t stopped working on this project long at all. We keep plugging away and eventually we’ll be finished with the main parts of it and then I’ll be at the part I really enjoy – the decorative aspects!!


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Progress

  1. Shelley says:

    Boy this is really coming along nicely. Between the kitchen & the laundry room you both have to be putting in a lot of work Hrs. But it is all going to be worth it when it’s completed. I sure the laundry room just looks yellow from the light of the flash. To bad you couldn’t use the range with the microwave. O-well I’m sure plan-B will be just as nice. Keep up the Great work & it will be done before you know. & I love the rating link. Who ever through of that had a great idea. Please LMK. when you both have finished. I cant wait to see it. Shell-


  2. Vol says:

    Congrats on your Fabulous Renov Kitchen, Cozy!!

    It’s looking great….your hardwork will totally pay off.
    I can’t wait to see the completed project. 🙂



  3. Patricia Molnar says:

    Hi (((Cozy)))
    It is really looking beautiful – love the painted panelling – it looks so warm and inviting.
    Remeber when you are done – you are coming here – to work LOL — no way – come for a well deserved rest.
    Blessings Pat


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