Kitchen Remodel Officially Underway

Today, we officially started the kitchen remodel. We have sold (if the people pay us when they pick these items up) our range vent and our wall oven on craigslist. I’ve never used craigslist before this and I’m amazed by how quickly people are contacting us. It’s been less than 12 hours for each of those things being listed. How exciting is that? Plus, it’s more than we could ever hope to make on them at a garage/yard sale!! Now I’m trying to think of what else we have to sell!!

I was outside a couple days with my camera walking around taking photos of various things. When we bought our home, we were lucky enough to inherit a beautiful apple tree that has always had hundreds of apples on it every year. I went up under the tree to snap a pic to show you their progress thus far:

 You can click on the pic to enlarge it, if you want.

I can hardly wait for them to be ready to pick. Everyone we know gets apples from us every summer. Our neighbors, family, friends, etc. I just wish I could share them with all of you! There’s so many to go around!!


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