My Art on Fabric + The Odd Spindle Window?

I cannot believe this, but I have my owls on fabric!!  Remember when I blogged about my little pink and aqua owls that I painted here (Pink + Aqua = A Giddy Me)?

Well, I found a site that started making fabric – Spoonflower – printing it from one’s artwork. I was so excited I just ran right over and signed up. When my invitation came, I ran straight over to the site and started designing my fabric. You wouldn’t believe the squeals that emitted from my mouth the day this sweet fabric came in the mail. And, it was presented so prettily – this company really cares about what they do. The proof is in the care they taking in their packaging.  Click here to see their site and get on their list to be invited to make some of your own fabric!!

Here it is in action in a sachet set that I’ll have in my shop a little later tonight:

Oh and remember last night I said I would put our wall oven on craigslist to see if we could sell it? It sold within 12 hours of listing it! This sweet lady contacted us and she asked more more measurements and it looks like it will fit her kitchen perfectly.  One more thing done after we meet her on Friday so that she can pay us and get her new oven. YAY!!

We started working on the kitchen a tiny bit this past weekend. Tonight we tackled the section that has some of the old 70s spindles in it. This was an interesting dilemma. You’ll see what I mean when you see the pictures. I’m very pleased with what’s happening there so far, but here’s a preview of that section – a before picture:

That pic is taken inside the kitchen facing the living room and beneath those spindles is that old wood paneling to the floor. Obviously very outdated, but this little area looked really cute when it was Christmas time, let me tell you!! But alas, wait til you see the after pictures – I hope you like my take on how to “fix” it. I’ll have that up as soon as we finish it – hopefully by the weekend if not sooner!! 😀


3 thoughts on “My Art on Fabric + The Odd Spindle Window?

  1. Patricia Molnar says:

    Oh cozy – i love the fabric – it is just beautiful and the little pillow is wonderful — remember me for the scraps LOL
    And I love the spindles – I bet when you are done – that area will be a dream and we all will be wishing it was in our house.


  2. meldewdesigns says:

    How cool is it that you have YOUR artwork on fabric for your sachets!!! When I originally looked at this post, I was just really looking at the stuff about your remodeling. I didn’t even notice that the owls on your sachet were YOUR owls!!

    Great job finding that website!! 🙂 So proud and excited for you! 🙂


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