More Laundry Rooms Pics and Ideas

When I was researching ideas online, I realize cottage laundry rooms are hard to locate. In general, it seems as if laundry rooms are an afterthought and neglected. For me, it’s now the sweetest room in our home! I don’t have it personalized much yet.  I need a few more things to finish the laundry room. Here’s a quick list:

  1. Make a curtain or choose a pull shade? I want something soft and romantic – breezy in feel. I’ve been eyeing these from decoratingwithlace but if you know of others, I’m very interested in seeing them!

 Maybe like this:  

or this:

2. Putting on our hardware. I do have it and it’s simple in style and solid black like these: This will be put on as soon as we can find a hardware template so that we make sure all of our knobs are at the same location.

3. I need to find 4 more of these bins, or I can make do with one more and then do the second shelf in a different style, if they are out of these. These are perfect for quick things – keeping mending close at hand and pulling a basket when I find myself with a little television viewing time.

4. I want to do some artwork for the room – I am still in the sketchbook stages for that, but will keep you posted on what I end up with…

5. Finishing the crown molding which will have to be done after the kitchen is complete, as we need some of that to finish out the room. When we pulled away the old cabinets and now have these more “floating”, the molding no longer fits…

I found a lovely fluffy and soft white rug at TJ Maxx this week while shopping. It’s 100% cotton and easily washable, which is perfect. I’ve never owned a white rug before, so I’m interested to see how it fares. I know that my toes love the softness of that rug!! I’ll be doing more laundry just to feel the luxury. Oh and did mention that it was on sale for $20 and on sale again for $9.99?? How lucky was I and it’s long and reversible, too.

I hope to show you more shop goodies tomorrow…I have a few new things in the works!


One thought on “More Laundry Rooms Pics and Ideas

  1. Patricia Molnar says:

    Wow — Cozy – I love the first curtains – they look more cottagie – they remind me of the ones my Aunt had in her cottage north of Toronto – and I like the feel of them better.
    Love the black hardware – perfect.
    I like the idea of something more cottagie for the second shelf – something softer – there are adorable wicker drawers or baskets or something you could paint on.

    Knowing you – you will come up with the perfect art work.
    And the rug sound wonderful and just the thing for the room.
    Crown moldings – I love crown moldings – they give a room and old fashion feel and elagance.

    Can’t wait to see more.
    Treat my suggestions like a smorgasbord – take what you like and leave the rest LOL


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