Being Held Back & Changing That…

For some reason, I started getting the Oprah magazine in the mail. I didn’t subscribe so it must be a mystery subscription. My Mother-In-Law is a big Oprah fan, so it could be her?

At any rate, I was flipping through it and discovered something that I need to apply in my own life in the June 2008 issue. (I realize I am very behind just now opening a June issue!) An article by Julie Morgenstern entitled “The One-Box-at-a-Time Way to Reinvent Your Life” really spoke to me. I learned about the SHED steps…

  • Separate the treasures. Understand the emotional attachments verses clutter in your life. Identify and unearth items and obligations that energize you. (Note to self – make lists of things that spark my creativity – homes, rooms, colors, people, places, things, etc.)
  • Heave the trash. Select items worth saving, trash everything else. This includes any activity or object that depletes you, resulting in a significant opening of time and energy. (Note to self: make mental notes of things that deplete me and get rid of them – or at least change them!)
  • Embrace your identity. Recognize that you are YOU. Reconnect with your most authentic self. (Realizes recent discoveries of the cottage world and how it’s a way of life and not just a design style and that is a big part of my identity….)
  • Drive yourself forward. Begin to fill your space and schedule with activities, experiences and items related to your goals. (The activities have begun with the infant remodeling stages of our home…and I’m already envisioning the change – visually with our home and emotionally within myself…)

I wish I could elaborate more on the things I realize I need to alter in my life. After reading this article, I realize it’s time to do that. While everything cannot be done immediately, appropriate steps can be made to get me to that place. The same goes for you – any obstacles can be changed to help you realize your goal and make our lives that much better…


One thought on “Being Held Back & Changing That…

  1. Patricia Molnar says:

    Good artical Cozy – one of the lectures I was at when I was in Vancover was about the very same idea. It is part of our mental and phystical health. You should check out THE LANDMARD FORUM it is in almost every country in the world and started in the US. It is a life changing course. I had so many plans that I wanted to do when I got home – but got sick – one of my advisers figures that I got sick because I was giving up a lot of mental junk and that I need to just do that before I start on the clutter.
    What every you do you will do it well – that is part of you.
    Blessings Pat


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