Beadboard vs Painted Paneling

One of our dilemmas in making our laundry room more cottagey was to do something with the walls. The walls were paneling and a medium wood tone. All in all, it was a country feel, but not a cottage feel like I wanted. Plus, it was dark to me.

Since we are do-it-yourselfers, we were going to pull down all the old paneling and replace it with beadboard AKA wainscoting (see photo at left) from floor to ceiling. In the small laundry room (approximately 8×7 feet), I thought this would look nice. When we went supply shopping, I discovered this was going to run around $160 to do the room. Instead, I decided we could paint the paneling, which was in excellent shape. After sealing off that room, Charles and I both used sanders to completely sand all aspects of the paneling. Then, I cleaned the walls. Next, we primed them and all the trim – actually it took 2 coats. Then, the color! I can’t wait for you to see it, but I will post pictures when we are further along…

Just know this…I am in love with this room!!


One thought on “Beadboard vs Painted Paneling

  1. Patricia Molnar says:

    I am so glad that when you are done your house you have said that you will be coming and doing mine. I know that Charles and George will get on to gether so well when they are working together and we will sit drink wine and be the staw bosses. Well somone has to make sure they work hard.
    So you should be arrive in about 3 weeks – lots of time for me to get wine in for us and the materials in for the guys. Oh don’t forget your bathing suit – the beach is just the end of the block and then there is the hot tub in the back yard – so we will be very busy directing the guys from there.

    Blessing and see you soon.


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