Christmas In July – More Sneak Peeks!!

I’m loving showing you all these wonderful sneak peeks of things I’ve been working on!! Here’s one of my little sachet pillows that you’ll see:

And one of the painted tins:

More to show you tomorrow…I am hoping you are loving seeing all these cuties, too!


5 thoughts on “Christmas In July – More Sneak Peeks!!

  1. Patricia Molnar says:

    Cozy – it is not fair – showing us all these wonderful things and not letting us buy any –
    Your little sachet pillow are alway so perfect – and these are just to cute – absolutly great for Christmas – will need some for presents and for the tree – yes decorate the tree LOL
    I love the little tin – how big is it – it is giving me all kinds of ideas to fill it – but need the size –
    Stop teasing – we want it all and I am telling Santa how good I am and I am telling him — I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOWWWWWWWWW — maybe that is bad LOL


  2. thecozyloft says:

    Hi Pat!
    Thank you so much for your kind words! I know, I am just terrible to tease these goodies, aren’t I??

    The little tins measure about 2 inches across and are about 1 inch tall. I have some other sizes available too. 😀


  3. JaniesJoli says:

    I love what you have let us peek at so far cozy, I just know your Christmas in July will be a success as well as your Christmas in December. LOL All my best wishes to you,


  4. Lizzy says:

    OOOH, more new pretties!! The strawberry sachet I got from you smells wonderful and it so pretty – I’m sure your new ones will be wonderful as well!

    Looking forward to seeing all your new things!


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