Home Grown is the B-E-S-T!

I love to attempt new things and tonight I thought I’d try a new Chicken Salad recipe and share it with you if it was tasty…I am NOT sharing it!! It was not a recipe worth thinking of another second, plus there was alot of steps to it. Oh, well. Here is our side dish that I made tonight that was absolutely delicious though:

These new red potatoes came from my parents’ beautiful garden. Actually, they sent a bag FULL of these with us on Father’s Day and I sure do wish I could share them with you. There are so many!

To cook them, I boiled these in water for about an hour and then drained them. I put about a teaspoon and a half of butter on them (there was about 12 potatoes) and allowed it to melt and then shook the pot, rolling the potatoes around to coat each of them lightly. Finally, a sprinkle of italian seasoning and they were ready. They were soooo good! I knew they would be, so I snapped a few pictures on a white plate and the photo turned out so nicely! Enjoy! 


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