It’s Time to Announce the Winners….

Today’s been a busy day for me – mostly in front of the computer!! I managed to snag a couple of treasuries and have those going right now. How lucky is that?
However, I’m betting you are here to see who won my contest? Wow – I had lots of entries!! Overall, there were 47 entries in this one when I count each comment there has been anywhere on my blog since the contest was announced – WOW!! Don’t worry – I get each comment emailed to me, so it’s easy to count. 🙂
So, now I will use the website to choose two winners from all those comments. Good luck!!
And the winners are:
2nd prize (runner-up)
post #37 – daisydesignsfloral
1st prize – GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!
post #43 – lrsoriginals
CONGRATS daisydesignsfloral and lrsoriginals!! I’ll be in contact with each of you very shortly!

One thought on “It’s Time to Announce the Winners….

  1. Cozy, thanks so much for the grand prize!!! It was GRAND!!!! So many pretties!! I love the painting that I got from you – perfect for my kitchen!!! The tags you painted are just beautiful – I love the way you paint roses!! And the sachet is pretty and smells wonderful! AND THAT’s JUST for starters!!

    I’m really over-whelmed at all the wonderful prizes you sent, and I thank you so much!! You’re just the sweetest person!!!!!! LRS

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