My Christmas In July Starts Tomorrow!!

Are you ready for one more sneak peek before tomorrow?? Oh, and guess what? I’ll start listing things around midnight, so if you are a night owl, you can be one of the first ones to own some of these pretties!!

For now, here’s a few more things for you to see…

A Candy Cane Strawberry Sachet, Wonderfully Scented:

A Ceramic Pink Cottage Stocking Ornament:

Some original, hand painted little gift tags (one will go out with each order through July, styles will vary and no two are ever identical!):

And my personal favorites – hand painted pink roses on glass traditional Christmas ornament balls:


Christmas In July – More Sneak Peeks!!

I’m loving showing you all these wonderful sneak peeks of things I’ve been working on!! Here’s one of my little sachet pillows that you’ll see:

And one of the painted tins:

More to show you tomorrow…I am hoping you are loving seeing all these cuties, too!

Want Another Christmas Peek?

It’s time again for another peek at something you will see in the month of July….A lovely Snowlady Sachet set that smells sooooo good!! She’s a very nice size measuring about 7 inches tall and she features a pink rose on her hat, two pink pom buttons, pearls around her body and a sweet pink and white scarf out of of some lovely pink ticking. Oh, and a handpainted face, too!

Here she is in her winter splendor:

And a close-up of her sweet face:

Starting July 1st, you’ll find holiday things in my shop all month long!

Can You Keep a Secret?

Can you? This just in….I’ve been preparing for Christmas in July!! All purchases from my shop in the month of July will receive a sweet Christmas gift, plus there will be some Christmas goodies available too! I’ve been working quite a bit getting ready for this and I hope you will like what you see. Here’s a sneak peek of one thing that will be available starting July 1st:


This sweet little stocking is actually a sachet and it smells so good!! There’s more to see – be sure to check back tomorrow for some more peeking!

Home Grown is the B-E-S-T!

I love to attempt new things and tonight I thought I’d try a new Chicken Salad recipe and share it with you if it was tasty…I am NOT sharing it!! It was not a recipe worth thinking of another second, plus there was alot of steps to it. Oh, well. Here is our side dish that I made tonight that was absolutely delicious though:

These new red potatoes came from my parents’ beautiful garden. Actually, they sent a bag FULL of these with us on Father’s Day and I sure do wish I could share them with you. There are so many!

To cook them, I boiled these in water for about an hour and then drained them. I put about a teaspoon and a half of butter on them (there was about 12 potatoes) and allowed it to melt and then shook the pot, rolling the potatoes around to coat each of them lightly. Finally, a sprinkle of italian seasoning and they were ready. They were soooo good! I knew they would be, so I snapped a few pictures on a white plate and the photo turned out so nicely! Enjoy! 

My Move to WordPress…

From what I have seen so far, WordPress is AWESOME!! I just made the move yesterday and I’m lovin’ it! Now, if everyone can just find me here…

I did manage to list a couple things at the shop and this is one I’m particularly excited about:

It’s a sachet pillow set with dried lavender buds. The fabric is actually a Japanese import and has little hedgehogs, mushrooms, apples, flowers, and more. It’s absolutely DELIGHTFUL!! I’m lucky to have more of that fabric because it’s so cute, I have to make myself something out of it!! 😀


A Steal of a Deal on a Beautiful Pillow

Once in a great while I come across a deal that I can’t pass up!! I thought I’d share this with you…you may want to get one of these also!

It’s this beautiful pillow from the Montgomery Ward website:

Can you believe this pillow is $4.99??? And, free shipping??? That’s right and if you click here, it will take you directly to the page. They also have some other great deals with free shipping, but this one was the one I personally just HAD to have!! It’s an 18 inch square pillow, so it’s not skimpy on size either.

 If you love it like I do, I really hope you can grab one!!

Edited to Add: I just checked these and it looks like they are sold out. Hope you were able to get in on this great deal! I’ll let you know when mine arrives and please let me know if you did get lucky and get one!!