These Are Sooooo Comfy!!

I never got on the “Crocs” bandwagon because I just didn’t really like the style of them at first. Then, about a month ago, I ran across a sale on an off brand pair and when I tried them on, I must say I was pretty impressed! So, I purchased them and I really have been enjoying them. Imagine my surprise when my hubby was surfing and found some Crocs (the original brand!!) at a great sale price. Needless to say, they arrived this week and I am thrilled!! I bought basic black and they are mainly going to be worn around to kick around in. They are super comfortable and really lightweight! If you haven’t bought yourself a pair, I highly recommend them. Here they are:

I really do enjoy wearing them for small things – going to the mailbox, sweeping our walkway, running errands, etc. You ought to try them…I think you’ll be hooked, too!

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