Into the Groove

Opening The Cozy Loft on etsy has been a true joy! I am certainly loving the people over there and the new friends I have made! I have a new listing to show you! A small cottage picture frame that will hold a 2 1/2 x 3 inch photo:

Inside the frame is a sweet piece of cottage rose fabric which sadly, I am almost out of! But, I can also visualize such a sweet look with a special black and white photo inside the sweetness of this frame…

I’ve also started offering a few note cards and I’ve expanded my glass storage jars to include some larger ones and some different shaped ones for anyone who has different needs for them…or some who just want several – a collection – of them.

I can’t seem to keep up and have to find some extra time to devote to creating. I love it when I have the opportunity to try new things and perfect it. Ooooooh! The fun!! I sold all of the magnets I had and I have plans to do more of those soon in different styles and I can’t wait for my new glass gems to arrive in the mail. Hooray!!

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