My First Custom Orders

I’ve been missing entering blogs here for a few days because of some AWESOME custom orders! Things have really been hopping here at The Cozy Loft! I had a fun order for 10 wooden cut out cars that measured about 5 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches each. Here’s a picture of those:

Then, I had a rush order for 35 sachet sets for a Mother’s Day event. With only a few days to do all these, The Cozy Loft was grand central station!! Those sachets were bright orange with bright pink ribbon and were made to match some gerbera daisies which will be tied onto each pillow set. How cute is that?

In the end, both custom orders went out today and all is right with the world. But, in the meantime, my shop was almost emptied! So, now I have got to get busy, busy, busy. I have had over 50 sales since my grand opening on April 5th! Thank you all for your business – you are so very much appreciated!

As a thank you, I’ll be hosting a super nice give-a-way very soon….hopefully this week…stay tuned!! 🙂


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