A Beautiful Necklace

This past weekend, I found a necklace that I just had to have. You know…one of those that has character and has an artistic vibe….one of those that you just know you are going to get compliments on when you wear it…

It came in a couple of days ago and I have to tell you – it’s better than I ever imagined! I have heard so many compliments on this lovely seller’s shop and I knew her work was gorgeous, but until I opened that package and looked at the necklace in person, I had no idea how gorgeous!!

Here’s a picture of what I’m so in love with:

Click here to see the gorgeous shop called voleurdebijoux and browse through her lovely and unique pieces of jewelry.

Until you have one of these in your hands, you have no idea how very special it is!

**picture used by permission from voleurdebijoux (her photography style is soo nice)


One thought on “A Beautiful Necklace

  1. Voleurdebijoux says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my necklace. I am so thrilled that you love it and I am really thrilled to be on your lovely blog!!

    Have a wonderful day!! : )



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