More Sneaking Peeking & My Mama

The goodies just keep on coming in…you know…the ones my first five customers are going to get for FREE with their purchases??

I received some today that did not come by mail or carrier, but transported by automobile to my door…by my most talented and crafty Mama. She is the person I talk to about every artsy and craftsy thing I’m doing in my life, and she sells things online now too!

For the longest time, my Mother worked at a hospital as a nurse and would craft things like Sock Monkeys, crocheted baby shoes and all kinds of sweet little goodies. Her co-workers would see these things and place orders. Eventually, she would leave the medical world and she owned her own bakery. Her bakery would bring customers in from everywhere and the smells that came from that wonderful place – sooooo delicious! Because of two heart attacks, she did have to leave her bakery dream behind.

Now, she sells a few things online and has just opened her own very new etsy shop. Please see her sweet shop by clicking here – her things are sooooo very sweet!

She sent 5 different things:

  • A cute Grocery Bag Magnet with so many miniature items inside like drawer liner, cereal, a newspaper, fruit and more!!
  • An adorable bag of potatoes magnet. I have had one of these for YEARS that she made for me and I love it so much. They are so very adorable!
  • A precious red and white lollipop that has the clear protective wrap on it.
  • A sweet tiny sundae in a clear sundae cup. Look at the tiny straw (for when the ice cream “melts”)!

  • And, my personal favorite, a teeny-tiny miniature pink and white lollipop. It’s so very cute and sweet and adorable and lovely! Just like my Mama!!

Here’s a picture of them:

There’s more to come and those will be in soon, I’ll keep you posted on that. Also, don’t forget to look here tomorrow evening for things that I’ll have for sale in the shop on Saturday!


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