Gift Items Starting to Arrive & Sneak Peek

I mentioned a few days ago that I decided to order a few items from fellow etsy sellers to give as free gifts to my first 5 customers on opening day this Saturday (that is sooooo close!). I received the first package today of the sweetest tiny gift boxes from creationsbylaura. You can see her sweet shop by clicking here and finding her scrapbooking goodies. These teeny adorable boxes would be perfect with a little gift or candy and left on a co-worker’s desk…or hubby’s/wife’s pillow…or…well pretty much anyone! Thank you sooooo much Laura!!
Here’s a pic of Laura’s little precious boxes and she sent several different colors:

The clock is ticking fast as I’m getting everything ready to be opened by Saturday morning. I hope not to disappoint anyone!

Be sure to check back to see more sneak peeks of what will be available on Saturday!! 😉

One thought on “Gift Items Starting to Arrive & Sneak Peek

  1. Dawn says:

    Wow, you really put a lot of time into this blog! I’ll go through it again later when I can pay closer attention and absorb all of the info you have here.
    Love your picture too… those cheekbones are to Die for!!!!!
    So glad you let me see your blog.
    🙂 *Hugs* Quilty (quiltnut60 aka Dawn)


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