A Wonderful Promotion

This morning, I was working on some of my new goodies that I’ll be listing in my new shop next Saturday. I started thinking of the first 5 customers and how I wanted to do something special for each of them for the jumpstart to my business. Then, I came up with an idea to purchase things – samples – from fellow etsy sellers. This would allow those special sellers to get their name and business out there to others, too. So, I posted an alchemy with this information. I have been amazed at the response. Now, I just have to sort through everything and figure out what will be a great fit with items I will be selling. There’s so many – 24 at the time of this posting – and I’ll have to turn so many of those away though I want to purchase from all of them!!

When things start arriving, I’ll give you a sneak peak at the free gifts for those first 5 customers as well as talk about the seller of those items. This is so much fun that I’m neglecting getting busy on my things, but it’s worth it.

There are so many special, sweet, cute things on etsy that I could spend all my waking hours just shopping happily!! This has definitely lifted my spirits and I’m adoring etsy all the more.

Please be sure to bookmark this blog to see all the upcoming goodies, as well as get in on other promotions I’ll be doing. I plan on being very active here and I’d love any input you may have. If you are like me and mostly a lurker…you may wish to make comments here. There’s an exciting promotion I’m thinking of for that……
Edit: The total number of bids on the Alchemy was 45 before I closed the bidding! WOW! There were so many lovely things – I wish I could have bought them all to give as free gifts with purchase for my first few customers. Again, WOW!

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