Update On My New Shop

You know…there is SOOOOOOOO much to do to get a shop opened. My goal is to not allow my new etsy shop to look like it is just some things thrown into an online shop, I want it to look great. I’ve put so much into it and I have such high hopes for my little cozy loft!!
I’ve completed several more projects and checked those off my list. My avatar is now completed and I’m feeling good about it. Now, I just have to get some more actual PRODUCTS finished! Honestly, it looks like a force of nature blew through my home right now. Should anyone knock on my door, I couldn’t invite them in! Talk about embarrassing!!! Slowly but surely I’m getting things knocked off my “to-do” list, but I’m not anywhere near where I thought I’d be by today!!
My plan is to open the etsy shop “thecozyloft” on Saturday, April 5th and have wonderful things inside. For opening day, I plan on having some exciting promotions going on and I’m hoping that also helps with getting folks to visit.
So far, so good, though. Since the loss of our kitty, I’ve been pouring all of my heart into my work and I do hope it shows when I start listing things on the 5th. I do plan on giving anyone who’s reading my blog a sneak peek before then. 😉

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